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mike young with circle one surfboard in newquay

Choosing the right style and make of board for you is not easy so here are a few tips regarding Epoxy or Fiberglass and brand new or secondhand to consider before purchasing.

Epoxy or Fibreglass?

Epoxy Facts:

  • Epoxy a stronger and float better than fiberglass boards.
  • They are more stable in the water.
  • They were originally designed to surf in freshwater wave pools.
  • Don't look as good as traditional fibreglass board as you can't see the stringer (the wooden line through the middle)
  • They are all round cheaper as they now become mass-produced.
  • They are sturdier and are less likely to ding but hard to get fixed as less surf repairers work with epoxy.
  • Price for an epoxy board would be around £200 new, but price can vary with different brands.
  • All round epoxy boards are lighter as they are made with the polystyrene foam as the inner and the epoxy resin on the outer.

Fiberglass Facts:

  • Can be hand shaped to your size and shape height and weight
  • They ding a lot easier than a epoxy so you need to take extra care.
  • Not as stable as an epoxy board in the water, but does allow you more movement and flexibility.
  • They are usually more expensive to buy £320 but prices can go up into the 1000s depending on brand. 
  • They are made from a polyurethane inner and a fiberglass outer but unfortunately overtime they will get waterlogged due to dents and just the board ageing.

mike fixing his fin on the surfboard before his surf

Secondhand? or new?

  • My recommendation is epoxy boards are so cheap now you can pick one up for £200 so why buy a secondhand board if you can get it brand-new.
  • Second-hand market has dropped due to a lot of boards being produced heaper.
  • Don't buy what you can't feel and see support the surfboard shops if you have a problem you know where they are buying off the Internet is risky
  • My advice by new from the surf shop, it will last longer and you wont be at risk of purchasing a waterlogged door on the net.
  • Don’t forget: The dimensions are always written at the bottom near the fins or on the stringer, make sure you check it out on every board you see.


 buying your first surfboard

Good luck and I hope this helps with your search to find your perfect board.


Mike Young