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Surfing Towan Beach, Newquay - Top 10 Tips

towan beach newquay

Tip 1: Know your tide times! When you are looking at your tide chart the best time to surf is mid tide, which means mid way between high tide and low tide. An average mid tide, is approximately when the water’s edge is in line with the harbour master building on the harbour wall, but this can vary depending upon the size of the tides, so check your tide chart.

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Surfing Basics: How are Waves Formed?

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Struggling to understand how to read waves and how/why they are formed. Well Mike Young, English Masters Champion and Head Coach at Escape Surf School explains it in a simple and easy way so you can feel more confident when next entering the water.

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Buying your First Surfboard - Part 2

mike young with circle one surfboard in newquay

Choosing the right style and make of board for you is not easy so here are a few tips regarding Epoxy or Fiberglass and brand new or secondhand to consider before purchasing.

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Buying Your First Surfboard - Part 1

mike young surfing with escape surf school

A lot of people by their first board to early and don't take proper advice. Buying your first board is quite tricky, but stick to my advice and we could be on a winning streak. 

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